Do you dream of being honored and respected by others?

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being honored and respected!

Is your dream about being honored and respected by others?

Husbands abuse their wives, parents their children, police the public, businesses their customers, citizens their neighbors!

As am I, you undoubtedly are concerned about the fact that all too many people are willing to abuse others, whether in the home, in business, in their communities or throughout the world!

But the fascinating thing about abusiveness is that it need not affect you directly!

My powerful ancient mystery will show you that there are spiritual forces at work in the lives of all people on Earth, for good or evil! And the willingness of people to abuse others, whether in the home, in business, in their communities or throughout the world and the freedom that some people enjoy from such treatment, is a perfect example of what I am talking about.

When one grasps my mystery, the ancient and long lost truth that I will be presenting to you in my vault, and he or she begins to walk in its majestic light, he or she will be guided into all truth by an amazing Spirit! And that truth will include what he knows is best for you during each moment of every day, including how to create in the people around you the good will by which to be respectful and loving toward others and how to avoid for yourself and your family the abuses that so many people impose on others! Thousands of years ago that great Spirit said, to one man:

Fear not! ... I am thy shield and thy exceedingly great reward!

But as encouraging as that word may sound, do not suppose that you can enjoy that amazing shield and reward without knowing well what you must do first to be worthy of them! He wrote, through his prophet:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!

That knowledge is my mystery! And giving it to you is my greatest pleasure in life! But before I reveal it to you, I must come clean!

Up till now, I have avoided using certain words, knowing that in the minds of too many people of the world, what I am and what I do is looked upon with contempt and ridicule! For my mystery is that of a religion; and I am a pastor - an Israeli pastor, in fact.

If you are an atheist or person who has been turned off by the tragic antics of well-meaning but foolish "believers" in one religion or an other, you will perhaps click off into hyberspace, at this revelation, and lose the infinitely powerful and amazing blessing that I am desperately wanting to share with you from out of the glorious path of discovery along which my precious Lord God has led me these past thirty-seven years!

But, if Satan, his foul spirits and his servants in the world have not succeeded in covering over with their lies the glorious truth of Yehovaw with which you were born into the world and you still hear, however faintly, his voice through ha Kodesh Ruakh, His Holy Spirit, the deep recesses of your heart are stirring even as you read this; and you will want to hear what my mystery is all about!

Amen! Alleluia!

If you would like to know more about my mystery, please click below! And I will take you to the primary website of my ministry, where its full impact can become known and appreciated!

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